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Flying ropes and walking on helicopters

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16th Dec was a special day. It was the inauguration day of the Chennai Chapter of our College Alumni Association. A decent number had turned up. It was fun meeting each other after a long time. The formal agenda was over soon and we spent about an hour after lunch interacting. By 4 in the evening, we started to leave. I with a handful of friends headed towards the Besant Nagar Beach. We werent aware of the naval exercises that were going on. It was a pleasant surprise. The Eastern Naval Command was exercising a 90 minute show @ the Marina as part of the Naval Week. Here are a few snaps [courtesy: keerthi]:

It was indeed a breathtaking show of technological prowess. The airmen seemed flawless when they pierced through the skies making uniform patterns with colored smoke. A helicopter cruised past us within 100 mts from the ground. I saw a submarine for the first time in life :). The troop carrier INS Jalashwa was on show.

Premjith, a senior to me in College who turned up for the Alumni Meet flies Chetak helicoptors for the Indian Navy. Our college has representations in all 3 Armed Forces. Proud I am !!

The couple of videos below were also made @ the same time.

It was indeed disturbing to watch a kid struggling for a living when she ought to be safe and free in school. It reminded me of Suresh (a school drop-out whom we, a few friends in college tried to bring back on track to school but failed). The best thing I could feel good about was the attitude of this lil girl. She seemed to enjoy doing the feat (walking on a rope is by no means a simple task) with ease. Her eyes were poised and her balance was just perfect. It was on par with the manoeuvre of the airmen in the cockpit. Perhaps she’s even better. I dropped Rs.20 in the ‘money-collection-plate’ and walked away. She deserves something else. A better childhood. Proud, I am not.

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Happy Christmas !!

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Yahoo Pipes – They’re Easy To Use

Posted on December 20, 2007. Filed under: conference, ekalayva, jayan, pipesCamp, pipescampchennai1, yahoo pipes |


In an increasingly information rich world where everything on the web (your blog entries, comments on your blog, photos on flickr/picasaweb,…) is available as a ‘feed’ / convertible to a ‘feed’, its good to know how to create and use them.

I’ve a couple of simple examples demonstrating how to use Yahoo Pipes, the tool to aggregate, manipulate and mash information on the web aka ‘feeds’.


I subscribe to a few yummy blogs (see the list in the yahoo search box below). I want to make Avial, a South Indian dish. I remember a couple of these bloggers writing about it long back. I dont remember when. I dont want to search the whole internet, but only in these bloggers’ sites. What do I do?

a. I go to Login with my Yahoo Id.

b. Click on ‘Create a pipe’

c. I insert the following controls from the left hand side:
i. User Input -> Text Input
ii. Sources -> Yahoo Search


Food Pipe Fields

d. I add the sites to which the search should be limited using the ‘site restriction’ option in the Yahoo Search box. I join the controls as below.

Food Pipe

e. I save and run the pipe to get this. The pipe’s ready now. Now, I can search for ‘Avial’ /’Jamun’ /any other recipe.

The pipe results are also available as a ‘feed’. Look out for ‘Get as RSS’ under ‘More Options’.


I want to read news about a select few Indian personalities in French Dailies. How do I do that? And an important note is that I dont read French really well. I prefer to read the articles in English.

a. I go to and login with my yahoo id.

b. I go to I select France in the Top Stories list.

c. I copy the link of the RSS feed. (Look out for RSS on the left hand side)

d. I insert the following controls and fill in details:

[Insert the RSS Feed url here]


[Insert 2 Loop Controls and drag translators into them. One set each for description and title respectively. Choose French to English in the boxes]


loop2 with translator

[Insert a filter to permit only the articles which match the keywords below]


e. Join them all, Save and publish. I get all the relevant translated articles here in a pipe.

You can see a list of pipes that I’ve created here.

There is lot of documentation and working examples on the Yahoo Pipes page. If you wish to know more on Pipes and are in Chennai, bother attending India’s first ever Pipescamp on December 23rd. Visit

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Clocky – I want you

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I want to own this misbehaving pet. It’s an alarm clock that runs away and hides to get you out of bed. Clocky gives you one chance to get up. But if you snooze, Clocky will jump off your nightstand and wheel around your room looking for a place to hide, beeping all the while.

It was designed by a student @ the MIT Media LabGauri Nanda. Here is an article about it. Click here to buy it.

Update Dec 18:

Kamesh with a health drink Kamesh with a health drink 2

Kamesh, the guy above who is a friend of mine has promised to get me one. Yahoooo !!!

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My New Girl friend

Posted on December 15, 2007. Filed under: ekalayva, humour, jayan |

I was chatting with Karthik, a good friend from bangalore when he made me come up with a new character in life. Here goes the conv..

X: then, what’s special
Me: nothing spl.. life’s rolling on..
Me: i might come to bengaluru next month
X: coming for any interview ?
Me: nope, jus like that. to see b’lore 🙂
X: yenkittayeva, tell the truth
Me: hey, my sis is there, my aunt is there and a lot of friends too
X: erkanave kadhu kuthiyachu.
X: tell the truth. who is that lucky person?
Me: hmm..
X: wht’s name… where is she
Me: in fact she’s in mumbai
X: farrrrr
Me: yeah, she comes to bengaluru during the mid of next month
X: she is working there?
[oh! so, u’ve started believing. ]
Me: yeah part time, she is doing her masters in political sciences in Mumbai University
[god knows y i thought that]
X: periya aala thaan pidichirukeenga, MLA ponna? from coimbatore?
Me: no, she’s from bangalore
X: how did u get her. same class/internet/schoolmate/relative sdlfdalk;
Me: nope, we met @ an art museum in bangalore. heard of chitra kala parishad?
X: seriously!!!!
Me: there was an art festival. we met there almost a year back
[so romantic, isnt it?]
X: gr8 to hear, then phone development… in google
[enna sonnalum nambaranga-pa. ]
Me: no gchat, she would never be online, phone – yeah once a week
X: then always in dream ..
Me: 🙂
Me: hey catchya later, going out for a coffee. cya

Hey gal friend from mumbai university, if u ever read this post, gimme a call. And Karthik, spare my life for lying 🙂

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