IPL and the Mamallapuram Visit

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Saturday – IPL:

I had been to the Rajasthan Royals Vs Chennai Super Kings match @ the Chepauk stadium this saturday. Friend Nandha called me up promptly when he got an extra ticket. The last time when I had been to a stadium to watch a cricket match was the 3rd and 4th day of an India-Australia Test match in October 2004. It ended in a draw because of rain on the final day. Though not a great follower of the IPL matches, getting a taste of live T20 cricket on a saturday without spending a rupee was not something to let go. We entered the stadium an hour before the match. It started with a couple of songs by Shankar Mahadevan. Sivamani set the crowd dancing to his drum beats. Baring the sun was the toughest part. The cheerleaders (especially that of the Jaipur team) added color. We found a place close enough to keep an eye on them.  As the Rajasthan Royals were tearing apart the Chennai Team’s bowing, a section of the crowd started throwing bottles and paper balls at the Jaipur Cheerleaders.  Crazy people. The cheerleaders stopped dancing from then on except for rare hip shakes to Sivamani’s beats. Sigh! Overall, it was an electrifying atmosphere. More than 400 runs in less than 3 hours. The crowd was crazy to dance, sing and shout for every single ball. I enjoyed every moment of it except the ones when

  • The guy in front started smoking.
  • The 15 rupees 7’UP that we bought from the stadium counter tasted like plain soda . Infact it was.

Sunday – Mamallapuram:

Here are a few snaps from the trip with my sister, cousins and aunt to Mahabalipuram.


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5 Responses to “IPL and the Mamallapuram Visit”

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Hey Jayan,
1. Once when we saw a well dressed girl was smoking u said “I like that girl”…now u got irritated when a guy smokes infront of u…hmm okay!

2. I know during our college matches also you play well when there are few girls around…i remember u scored some good runs and played some sexy shots in ESEC trophy held in our campus…but u failed to perform in Rana Trophy held in Erode Arts(College for Men only)… I know the difference!
Look Gentle man/Women, He is our college Captain for Cricket team. He has lot of passion towards the game. Unlike many boys I too go to watch his game but often disappointed with his performance. Later we understood he expects some thing more to perform that was our final victory in ESEC trophy, where we invited girls to cheer up Jayan!!!!

3. Finding a place near Rajasthan team’s cheerleaders to watch their dance instead of cricket on a high scoring game, I think now who was CRAZY???

As long as the guy does not smoke into my face, I would not have minded him. And the smoking ammani you are talking about, i dont remember which one.

Interesting observation!! There is some truth in it too. You need some inspiration to perform well, right? 😉

FYI, Cheerleaders dance only when the bowler is walking back after a ball is bowled / the over is complete. I watched some cricket too.


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