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Change in geography

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It has been a week since I arrived @ Salt Lake City, Utah on a work assignment.  It was on very short notice.  I could not even call up a few good friends to tell.  The last week’s schedule was pretty tight and I did not have enough time to blog.

Today was relatively free.  Sakthi and I drived to the Alpine Loop in the afternoon.

Sawasdee readers!  Stay tuned.

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Home in Chennai

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It has been over a month since Mom and Dad came to Chennai.  We’ve rented an apartment near Guindy.  Life’s pretty different these days.  Believe me or not,  I wake up at 6 in the morning and get ready to work.  I get my hot cup of tea in the morning.  I run a 100 metre dash to catch my office bus just in time.  Luckily, this bus isnt crowded and I always manage to get a window sided seat.  For someone who hates the smell of a bus and has to spend over an hour in it continuously, that is a good deal.  I settle down with a book and switch on the FM radio.  I am thankful that these radio stations exist.  Though it is mostly senseless rambling,  I cant imagine a return journey in my office bus without them.  I come back home usually after 8.  My usual dinner of chappathis with dal would be ready.  Television fills the final couple hours of my day. 

Hmm.. It is half past midnight already.  Time to sleep.  We’ve planned for an early morning visit to a nearby temple.  Logging off for now..

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Alive and kicking

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I’ve  been out of the world of internet for quite a while now.  The last blog post which I wrote was 4.5 months back.  The number of times I checked my emails during these months is a single digit number.  Reason has always been inaccessibility to the internet.  I had been almost unconnected and unreachable to most friends.  I ve been moving around in this metro without a phone for the last two months.  I’ve been advised, cursed and even threatened to buy one.   I did not budge.  🙂  Not until last week. I was dragged to the nearest mobile store by the ‘group of 3’ and asked to choose one.  I bought a Nokia 3110 ( before losing the right to choose).  

I am blogging from my sister’s laptop and will have access to the internet for the next two days.  Hopefully I ll write more during this weekend.

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