Man who caught a lightning bolt :)

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Pradeep has captured a fantastic snap of a lightning bolt on his Sony Cybershot W120 (after 10 minutes of waiting) from his apartment in Singapore.


Jobless people are  🙂 !!!

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Am Back Again

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It’s a saturday evening in this part of the world.  The winter is about to end.  Days are pretty long (sunset starts only by 7 or 7 30), and there is this day light savings thing too. I am just back after a game of  tennis with friends.  It’s been a long time since I wrote on this space.  I had been active elsewhere.   Here are a

Few movies that I watched :

Schindlers List, Letters from Iwo Jima, The Thin Red Line, Sergeant York, Apocalypse Now, In Bruges, No Country for Old Men, Forrest Gump, The Deer Hunter, Saving Private Ryan, Slumdog Millionaire, Primal Fear, Enemy at the Gates, Behind Enemy Lines, Safar E Ghadehar, Che, Sholay, Fire, Earth, Water, Illusionist, Mall Cop, Seven Pounds, Shawshank Redemption, The Usual Suspects, The SAW Series, Final Destination Series, Pink Panther Series, The Bourne Series, Memento,Valkyrie, Parineeta, Parzania, Pyaasa, Ramchand Pakistani, Khuda Ke Liye, The Wednesday, Mathrubhoomi, Dho Bhiga Zameen and Santhosh Sivan’s Before the Rains and Tahaan.

Few books and articles that I’ve been reading:

Century of the City (Rockefeller Foundation), Super Crunchers (Ian Ayres) & yeah – my subscriptions on the google reader. Archive of my shared articles can be found here.

Few things that I ve been doing regularly:

Learning spanish & preparation for one of the ‘wants to’ in the About page.

Few places I visited:

Las Vegas in Nevada, Grand Canyon in Arizona &  Lava Springs in Idaho. And yeah, I had a 22 mile cycle ride to the  Utah State Capitol in Salt Lake City.

Few restaurants that I tried:

Thai: (Sawadee, Thai Siam),  Nepali: (Himalayan Kitchen), Indian:  (Ganesh), Pakistani: (Qaderi, Curry in a Hurry), Mexican: (Taco Bell)

Few things that I bought:

A bicycle, a creative zen media player, a Canon powershot 110 IS, a 400 GB external portable HDD & a USB hub.

And I’ve been learning a very important skill to master – cooking.   These days, I can make dal, sambar and a few curries fairly well.  Good enough to survive here.

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Blistering barnacles!

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I found a big bunch of tintin comics on the internet. Reading them after a long long time. One of the few comics which I loved reading when in school. Just finished Tintin in the land of the soviets.   He, Captain Haddock and Snowy are off to India now.


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Snaps from SLC

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Here are a few snaps clicked on a G Phone during a drive to my apartment from office.  This place is fully surrounded by mountains and extremely cold at times :

& finally, here are a few snaps near my apartment:

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Chandrayaan on Lunar Track

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I just read isro’s press release.  It’s extremely exciting to know that Chandrayaan has successfully been placed on lunar orbit.  This is a landmark in the history of Indian space exploration. Kudos to everyone involved in this.

I was there at Shaastra 2007 when a few scientists directly involved in the Lunar Mission briefed about it’s objectives and roadmap. The way ISRO has collaborated with other countries and executed this project shows India’s increasing role in world space exploration.  Way to go !!

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